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7-11-20 610 Cruisers Car Show

610 Cruisers hold benefit Car Show

July 11, 2020

On a warm Saturday (7-11-20) the 610 Cruisers held a car show—their third at the Classic Car Center—raising funds for charity. Our parking lots were filled with vehicles ranging from older classics (an E-code 1956 Thunderbird) to American muscle (3 Shelby Mustangs) and everything in between (take a look at the pictures).  Social distancing and facemasks were the rule of the day as owners and spectators celebrated the opportunity to enjoy different cars and chat with other enthusiasts while observing the CDC Covid-19 Guidelines.  For many of the attendees, this was the first time this year that they had been to a car event. Our collective hats are off to the 610 Cruisers!