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About Us

The Classic Car Center is owned, operated and staffed by individuals who both love and drive collector, classic and antique cars and motorcycles.  They share with our customers the passion for having a well-cared-for vehicle that looks and runs as  intended when first built.  Our business philosophy is that the proper care for the vehicles entrusted to us—whether for storage, service or sale—is paramount, whether the car is of Pebble Beach quality, a weekend-show vehicle or a daily driver.  We couple that care with service expertise, timely delivery and reasonable rates in an environment where we always take the time to fully interact with our customers to better understand their needs and expectations.

Our shop manager, Bill Grant, has been servicing and repairing classic cars for over 20 years. He blends the expertise that he brings to our shop with the understanding he developed as a
successful driver on the sports car racing circuit. His mantra is that no job leaves our shop
without it meeting both his highest professional standards as well as our customer’s
expectations. Each member of his staff shares the same allegiance to that set of standards.

Please stop by to see our facility, meet our staff and enjoy—along with us–the many fine vehicles that are in our care.  And please bring by your classic so we might enjoy that as well.