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1957 Thunderbird [E-bird] restoration

1957 Thunderbird-Restoration
This E-code 1957 Thunderbird has been in the current owner’s family since 1962 and he wants it restored to the condition it was in when it was new. Certain of the work done over the past 20+ years (engine and transmission rebuild, brake system replaced, upholstery of seat) but we are tasked to complete the restoration. Our directives include:
  • Rebuild the sequentially-numbered original twin 4-bbl carburetors
  • Remove engine and all peripherals in the engine bay in preparation for painting
  • Remove all paint from the previous 3 paint jobs down to the bare metal and repaint the complete car in Ford’s original Flame Red
  • Replace all of the body/ window seals
  • Replace the door panels
  • Replace any glass that is cracked or broken
  • Replace the fuel system
  • Install new wiring harness and rewire the car
  • Refurbish or replace all exterior chrome
  • Rebuild rear end as needed

The pictures below will show the evolving work on the car: