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One of the important
services offered by the Classic Car Center is the sale of classic cars
for their owners.  All cars that we sell here are handled on a
consignment basis only, assuring both our impartiality in representing
the car while maximizing the revenue for the seller.

Since we sell
and not “used cars”, each car accepted for sale must be
a very nice to excellent representative example of that marque, model
and year, and is realistically priced.   It will join other similarly
outstanding vehicles in our temperature-controlled facility, thereby
reinforcing the value of your car in the eyes of the purchaser.

And since there is no
up-front cost
to you, our consignment service provides you with a
greater assurance of results and us with an incentive to find a buyer! 

The Bottom Line: 

* There is NO
up-front cost to you
* Our commission is just 10% of the final sale
price (15% for cars under $15,000 or $1,500, whichever is greater)
* All cars are located inside in our secure, modern facility
* There are no “test drives” until we have an acceptable
contract and deposit from the buyer; and
* We handle all negotiations, shipping and
processing for you


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