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Why Use the Classic Car Center?

10 Good Reasons:       

·      Risk-free:  There are no charges
until we sell your car or 60 days have elapsed

·      Cost-effective:  Our commission is just 10%
on sales prices of $15,000 or greater

·    Value-enhancing:  Your car is displayed
among other equally nice classics, thereby enhancing its value

·    Knowledgeable:  Since our entire business
is classic cars:

                  •We can help you determine the appropriate price

                  •We can fully discuss the merits of your car with purchasers

                  •We are each owners/enthusiasts of classic cars                                                                

·    Secure:  Your car is always inside our modern, temperature-controlled and alarmed facility, never parked outside

·   No test drives:
We do not take purchasers on test drives until we have a contract
acceptable to you and a deposit in hand

·   Full-service:  We display, advertise, negotiate and finalize all  aspects of the sale of your car

·    Licensed:  We are a Virginia licensed and bonded facility

·    Ethical:  We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our dealings with sellers and buyers alike

·    World-wide Sales:  Our purchasers come from all over
the world as well as from the United States, thereby increasing your car’s visibility

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