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Cars & Coffee 8-26-23

The roads had dried off from the previous evenings thunderstorms and the mid-90s heat had yet to begin when our Cars & Coffee was held this last Saturday of August. As in the previous C&C gatherings this year, car owners started streaming into our front showroom soon after we turned the lights on at 7:30 Saturday morning. Due to construction dust from our new neighbor’s renovation, our main showroom, together with our bathrooms, were temporarily closed, a condition we alerted all our email subscribers to early in the week with the mantra “go before you come”.

While we tried to alert attendees in advance that our restrooms were not going to be available, there were undoubtedly some who were taken unawares and to them we apologize. Hopefully our identification of some nearby accommodations was helpful.

A wide array of classic and exotic vehicles attended including a Hemi Plymouth and a Bentley convertible, to mention just two from the 100 or so that filled our parking lots. With the coffee urns emptied and the last Dunkin Donut consumed most of the cars left about 10:00, off to other destinations or perhaps just in search of a restroom!