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Cars & Coffee 10-28-23

It was fitting that our last Cars & Coffee of 2023 was held on a picture-perfect warm fall day.  The previous 6 similar gatherings had avoided rain, but this was truly a day one wished for a convertible—and many came. 

The cars ranged from a VW Beetle convertible to Ferrari convertibles.  There were more than a dozen Corvettes including at least 5 of the new C-8s.  We were joined by a ‘50s (?) LandRover ambulance but fortunately no one was in need of its services.

Having watched the weather forecast, we increased our donut order and all that is left are 5 pink frosted Dunkins that our staff will undoubtedly make short work of on Monday! 

And so ends Cars & Coffee 2023.  We, here at the Classic Car Center, appreciate so many of you turning out early on these Saturday mornings and bringing so many cars, trucks and a few motorcycles to our monthly gathering.  We’ve developed so many wonderful friendships over a hot cup of coffee and a sticky donut, for which we thank you.

Here are the photos taken by Bill Grant.