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1980 Corvette T-top

Year: 1980
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette T-top
Price: $22,900 $19,900

1980 Corvette Stingray

T-top: Nice Ride

Our C-3 has all of the right features:

    • Fresh 350 V-8
    • 3-speed automatic
    • Air conditioning
    • T-tops
    • Very nice White finish
    • Chrome sidepipes
    • 15” factory aluminum wheels

For those who wish to decode the car:

VIN: 1Z878AS430448

Nice from Top to Bottom

  • Paint and Body

The recent White respray on this Corvette is in nice condition that adds a freshness that makes the car sparkle.    

The underside of this Corvette appears solid and sound.

The T-tops are in excellent condition and can be stored in their special holders inside the car.

  • Interior

The deep Burgundy interior is clean and fresh-looking.

The gauges all appear to work as do the lights (including pop-up headlights) and wipers. The speedometer and turn signals likewise work properly.  The radio/antenna, horn, locks and clock will need some weekend attention.

  • Engine

This Corvette has an upgraded 350 V-8 engine, which gives it brisk performance while being economical at the fuel pump.  At the touch of the starter the engine comes to life and produces the distinctive rumble through its side pipe exhaust system.

  • Transmission

The 3-speed automatic transmission works smoothly.

  • Brakes

The disc brakes on the Corvette bring it to a quick halt.

  • Luxury and other features

This Corvette will please Corvette buffs:

  • Fresh engine
  • Desirable (in today’s traffic) 3-speed automatic transmission
  • Attractive brilliant White exterior with Burgundy interior
  • Air conditioning
  • Chrome side pipes
  • Power: steering, disk brakes, windows

A Nice Example of the popular

C-3 Corvette T-top

There is one word that can best describe this 1980: WOW! Nice paint, contrasting upholstery, upgraded engine, automatic transmission and AC:  all of which make this classic Corvette an enjoyable car to drive as well as a sound investment.  What can’t be quantified is the feeling one gets when sitting behind the wheel of a Corvette that is dreamed about by so many other car enthusiasts.