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1928 Ford Model A restoration

One-family Owned Since New

The great granddaughter of the original purchaser of this 1928 Model A wanted the car restored to be like it was when her great grandfather bought it new in 1928.  Having sat unused but not forgotten in a corner of a Minnesota barn for the past 40+ years, the first question was whether the original engine could be rejuvenated.  Before she and her husband committed to the project they wanted to be sure the motor could be saved–it was the one that came in the car.  So our first milestone was reached during the week of February 8th when the engine was started and the car moved around the shop under its own power–for
the first time since the 1970’s.

We shall now begin a frame-off restoration that will return this family heirloom back to its original condition.  Please join us on that journey by periodically looking at the latest pictures.