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1932 Packard Restoration

This May the Classic Car Center will begin the restoration of a rare 1932 Packard Model 902 Convertible Coupe; and we invite you to keep track of our progress through the periodic postings of pictures and text on our website.

Known as America’s Rolls Royces, the Packards of the ‘30s are generally regarded to be among the most beautiful cars ever built, and many collectors find the 1932 convertibles to be one of the most desirable models.  This particular rumble seat car is an elegant example of the marque, but in need of a complete “service and sympathetic” restoration.  The goal is to keep it as original as possible while making it mechanically reliable and cosmetically appealing.

Our 1932 convertible was owned by a prominent Fredericksburg businessman for the past 40 years.  During the earlier years of his ownership the car was well known as it was proudly driven around town on special occasions.  Even today, a number of Fredericksburg residents remember seeing the Packard and its owner driving through the downtown area.  For the past 15+ years, however, it was neither seen nor driven as the owner had it parked in his garage and carefully stored on blocks.

The car is scheduled to begin its journey back to its original glory as our personnel begin the painstaking task of refurbishing the car’s cosmetics, servicing it and restoring its mechanical components.

Our initial tasks will include:

  • Removing the sparkplugs and soaking the cylinders with a penetrating solution to dissolve any rust that has accumulated on the cylinder walls and the piston rings; this process will take a number of weeks and after each such treatment the engine will be turned by hand 1/8th to ¼th a revolution;
  • Removing the six wheels, dismounting the tires and sending the rims to be sandblasted and powdercoated;
  • Installing new tires so the car can be moved around the shop; and
  • Sorting out the electrical issues since the car at some point had some of its wiring redone.

Below you will see pictures of the car before any of this work has begun and then chronicling each of the major steps in our work over the next several months.  We hope you find this process of interest, and we invite visitors to stop in and see the restoration first-hand.