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1970 Dnepr with sidecar

Year: 1970
Make: Dnepr
Model: K750M
VIN: 57551
Price: $9,900

Restored Dnepr K750M with sidecar

If you are in the market for a classic motorcycle with sidecar that combines style, performance and affordability, this Dnepr is the package  for you.  While the Harleys, Triumphs and others are great bikes, the 1970 Dnepr K750M stands out in value and rarity when compared to its competitors.

BMW Heritage

Made in Ukraine under a BMW license, the Kiev Motor Factory (KMZ) produced these Dnepre motorcycles that were based on the BMW R71. These bikes and their Russian counterpart, the Ural, were used extensively throughout eastern Europe.  They are known for their durability, particularly on the rural and farmland roads.

Very Nice Cosmetics

Finished in Cobalt Blue, the paint is in very nice condition on both the bike as well as the sidecar,  Silver pinstriping highlights the fenders and body of both the bike and the sidecar. The driver’s and passenger’s seats are sturdy black leather and the sidecar has a black vinyl seats for a passenger and a matching tonneau when it is empty.


Like the BMW, the Dnepr uses an opposed two-cylinder engine configuration with 750cc displacement.  Mirroring the BMW, the Dnepr has a driveshaft instead of a chain drive.  This sidecar-equipped version has 4 forward and 1 reverse gears.  The transmission can be shifted with either the foot pedal or by hand via a lever on the right side.

Stopping Power

The motorcycle comes equipped with with drum brakes, front and back that provide the stopping power.  Three brand-new tires provide road-gripping handling and traction.  Shock absorbers on the bike (front and rear) along with one on the sidecar make for a safer and more enjoyable ride.


The easily-removed sidecar comes equipped with a like-new tonneau for use when no passengers are present, but is readily removed and stowed when a passenger is present.  The interior has black vinyl-upholstered cushions for the passenger to sit on and lean back against.


Finally, the Ukrainian-made Dnepr is a rare and unique choice when compared to its competitors  so it’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.

All in all, the 1970 Dnepr K750M is an great choice for anyone looking for a classic motorcycle/sidecar combination that’s both stylish and fun to ride—and there’s room for 2 friends or your dog and one friend!.

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