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2005 Thunderbird—Just about Perfect

Year: 2005
Make: Ford
Model: Thunderbird
CarFax: Clean
VIN: 1FAHP60AX5Y100387
Price: $20,900

2005 50th Anniversary Thunderbird:

Final Year of the

Thunderbird 2-passenger convertibles:

40,022 miles

The 2002 – 2005-era Thunderbirds were Ford’s last of its two-passenger sports car era.  While the 1955 Thunderbird was originally Ford’s response to the Corvette, the T-bird (as it quickly became known) was designed to be a comfortable driving vehicle rather than a competition car.  Our 2005 Premium Edition—the 50th anniversary–is a tribute to the vision encompassed in the ’55-’57 models.

A Beautiful Car

This Premium Edition Thunderbird looks and runs much like it did when it left the showroom back in 2005:

  • Great Finish

The car bears its original Steel Blue finish, and the paint is in excellent condition.  There was one repair, almost invisible, where the hardtop dented/scratched the finish. 

The underside of the Thunderbird is free of rust and corrosion other than normal surface rust.

  • Great Interior

The Premium Edition leather and vinyl interior is in very nice condition from the padded dash to its seats—and everything in between. 

  • Convertible and Hardtops

The Premium Edition blue factory canvas convertible top is in very nice  condition and the heated  rear window is clear and free of any discoloration.

The factory hardtop is also in very nice condition, headliner and all, with one repaired scratch.

  • Mechanically Excellent

The car is powered by the 3.9 V-8 that was a reliable and powerful Ford engine.  The car starts right up and runs the way you would expect.  If you opened the hood to the engine bay on a new T-bird in 2005, it wouldn’t have looked much different than it does today: bright and clean.

This T-bird is equipped with Ford’s automatic transmission which seems to shift properly, allowing the driver to enjoy the trip, particularly when confronted with the increasing amount of traffic in most urban/suburban areas.

  • Safety and Luxury Equipment

All of the safety equipment works–horn, wipers lights, signals (sometimes erratically), as do the gauges, warning lights, tachometer, and speedometer.  The car’s 4 tires look to have little wear. 

The luxury equipment includes power windows, power seats, air conditioning etc.  The car’s steering wheel automatically retracts and tilts to make entering or exiting easier.

  • Confirming CarFax

Its CarFax confirms:

  • No accidents
  • Original mileage
  • Always a Virginia car

Back to the ‘50s in Retro Style

Ford Motor Company made the Thunderbird into a luxurious way to go to the country club, Saturday night dinner or even to the grocery store.  This “tribute” series introduced by Ford in 2002 was aptly dubbed the “Retro-bird” because it harkened back to the ’55-’57 T-birds but came equipped with all of the safety and modern conveniences  that we have come to demand in our vehicles.

Whether on the local show fields or re-dedicated to its original purpose: an absolutely wonderful personal driving experience, this Thunderbird is for you!

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