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1965 FF Cobra-Awesome

Year: 1965 (titled as)
Make: Ford
Model: Cobra (Factory Five)
Price: $39,900

1965 Cobra: Factory Five Replica

Factory Five Cobras have become collector items in their own right, having been designed to closely mirror the original Shelby Cobras.  That is due in large part to the quality of the molded body panels and the perfection of the frame and accessories that come with each unit.   The result is a car that takes the driver back to 1965 with all the feel of the originals that now sell for $2-$5 million!

Our Factory Five Cobra is equipped with: 

    • 5.0 L Ford Cobra engine
    • 5-speed top-loader transmission
    • Headers straight to chrome side pipes
    • Disc brakes
    • Driver’s side Cobra-style roll bar
    • Flared rear wheel wells
    • Original style 4” round tube frame for improved rigidity
    • High quality silver paint with Black racing stripes
    • Racing seatbelts
    • Tonneau
    • Complete assembly instruction manual together with receipts

Titled as a 1965 Ford, this car was built in the 2000 and has 11974 miles on the chassis as recorded on the odometer.

And, of course, the Cobras are one of the most memorable cars on the road.

Excellent from Top to Bottom

  • Paint and Body

The Silver paint with its Black racing stripe on this Cobra is of near-show quality.  The flared rear wheel wells complete the Shelby Cobra look.

The chrome trim is all in excellent condition.

And the underside of this Cobra looks almost new.

  • Interior

The black seats mimic those on the Shelby Cobras.

The SW gauges all appear to work properly as do the lights, wipers and horn. The speedometer and turn signals likewise work properly. 

  • Engine

The 5.0 liter Ford Cobra engine is a 1993 Mustang sourced from Central Maine Mustang as was the transmission and rear end. There is a distinctive rumble as the exhaust comes straight through the headers to the chrome side-pipe exhausts promising much more as the powerful engine awaits further direction.

  • Transmission/Suspension

The top-loader 5-speed transmission, transfers all that power to the rear end.

  • Brakes

The 4-wheel disc brakes on the Cobra bring it to a quick, fade resistant stop.

  • Performance features

This Cobra will please the most discerning buyer:

  • High-performance Ford Cobra 5.0 liter engine
  • Desirable 5-speed top-loader transmission
  • Chrome side pipes
  • Disc brakes
  • SW gauges

A Great Example of the Cobra

There is one word that can best describe this 1965 convertible: WOW! Great paint, powerful engine, 5-speed transmission:  all of which make this classic Cobra an exciting car to drive as well as a sound investment.  What can’t be quantified is the feeling one gets when sitting behind the wheel of a Cobra that is dreamed about by so many other car enthusiasts who, like most of us, lack the millions to buy the original!