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1929 fully restored Model A Huckster

Year: 1929
Make: Ford
Model: Model A Huckster
Vin: A2092939
Price: $19,900 NOW $17,900

A Wonderful Model A Ford Huckster

From 1928 through 1931 Ford built in excess of 5 million Model A vehicles in a variety of body styles, some of which morphed into vehicles particularly suited to the needs of the time.  The Huckster was one such variant that was custom-made to facilitate the farm-to-table trade as well as other salesperson display/service needs. 

1929 Ford—Full Restoration

This Ford was treated to a great restoration while retaining its basic originality. 

  • 4-cylinder engine
  • 3-speed floor-shift manual transmission
  • Great woodwork
  • New side curtains to enclose the truck’s cab
  • New tires on powder-coated wheels
  • New truckburetor
  • Service/restoration records
  • AND everything works!!

If it was needed to make this truck correct and drivable, it was done.

They don’t get any Nicer!

  • Paint and Woodwork

The green paint on the cowl/hood and the black fenders are in good condition. 

All of the chrome is very nice

The underside of the truck is extremely clean and appears free of rust.

The fit and finish of the woodwork is in very nice condition. 

  • Interior

The seat upholstery was redone in black vinyl, with one patch and is in very nice condition.

  • Engine

The truck’s 4 cylinder engine—the serial number of which is the Model A’s VIN–sits nestled in a relatively clean engine bay.  It starts and runs much as it, along with 5 million other Model A’s, did when they  were built.

  • Transmission

The 3-speed standard transmission shifts properly,

  • Tires, Brakes and Monitoring Systems

This Huckster has 5 new tires, all on newly powder-coated wheels..

The brakes work well giving confidence that the Huckster will stop properly.

All of the gauges appear to be working properly.  Similarly, the lights, horn, and wipers are working. 

A Very Nice Example of one of these great Hucksters

This Model A is a restored—but unmolested—example of the Huckster variant.   These original trucks are in high demand but short supply.  They therefore represent not just a great driving experience but a sound investment as well.  And if there was ever a truck that transports you back to the pre-war period, this is it. Apart from the investment value of this truck, it is hard to put a price on the feeling of enjoyment when other drivers and pedestrians wave and give you a “thumbs up.”