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1965 Factory Five Cobra

Year: 1965
Make: Factory Five
Model: 1965 Cobra
Odometer: 10,312
Price: $29,900

Factory Five Cobra: only 10,312 miles

A Low-mileage 1965 Factory Five Cobra

Factory Five 1965 Cobras replicas are the ones to have—short of buying a real one at $1-3 million! One look at this car shows you why:

  • Excellent condition
  • 2003 build date
  • 10,312 miles
  • Ford 302 engine
  • 5-speed transmission
  • Optional side exhaust pipes

For those of you who wish to look further into this car’s history, its VIN is: FFR4201K.

They don’t get any Nicer!


It is not an overstatement to say that these Factory Five Cobras are special:


  • Paint and Chrome


The Royal Blue paint with White racing stripe is a beautiful finish on this car and is in excellent condition other than one scrape over passenger rear wheel well. The paint gleams and shows off this sports car’s great lines.


All of the chrome is in excellent condition.


The body and underside of the car are free of rust, the underside is almost as clean as the topside (see pictures), and the engine compartment is detailed.


  • Interior


The seat upholstery looks like new. The door panels and carpeting are in excellent condition as well.

  • Engine 

The 302 engine runs and drives like a new one. It is a screamer capable of propelling this Cobra with enough thrust to pin you to the seat!

The exhaust is discharged through headers and chrome side pipes.

  • Transmission

The manual 5-speed synchromesh transmission shifts properly and smoothly as one would expect in this famous marque.

  • Tires, Brakes, and Monitoring Systems 

The Cobra has BF Goodrich high performance tires [Front: 245/45ZR17; Rear: 285/40ZT17]  mounted on chrome 5-spoke wheels.  The tires look (see pictures) to have most of their  tread remaining.

The brakes are disc that work properly and smoothly in bringing the car to a rapid and safe  stop from the high speeds this car is capable of reaching.  The emergency brake requires  adjustment.

All of the engine/systems monitoring gauges/lights (speedometer, tachometer, water  temperature, fuel, amp and oil pressure) work properly.  Similarly, the lights, wipers, horn,  and turn signals all work correctly.

  • Safety Features

The Cobra is equipped with driver’s and passenger’s roll bars. Each of the seats has a racing-style seat belt.

A Cobra that looks like a Show Car while fulfilling your Performance Dreams!!

This car is in a class of its own: power, cosmetics and FUN! Whether at a car show, dinner at a special restaurant or the track, you can be assured that this car will be noticed and admired by everyone who sees it.

These cars represent not just a great driving experience but a sound investment as well. Apart from the investment value of this car, it is hard to put a price on the feeling of enjoyment when other drivers and pedestrians wave and give you a “thumbs up” or a look of envy as you leave them in your dust!