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1971 Gran Prix SJ, Full Restoration

1971 Pontiac Gran Prix–Extensive Documentation

Year: 1971
Make: Pontiac
Model: Gran Prix SJ
VIN: 276571A123447
Price: $22,900

Performance and Luxury

 The 1971 Gran Prix SJ 455 is a perfect blend of impressive acceleration with all the luxury one could ask for in a muscle car. This is a low-mileage car that is equally at home rocketing away from a traffic light as it is going to dinner at the country club. And all for the price of a new Honda.

Records, Records and more Records

This Gran Prix has documentation since it rolled off the assembly line:

  • The factory order
  • The original build sheet
  • The owner’s booklets
  • The Protect-O-Plate
  • The original owner’s purchase contract
  • The assignment of the original owner’s title to a dealer
  • The re-assignment to the second owner
  • The second owner’s title
  • A slew of receipts for work done by the second owner
  • The title of the 3rd (and current) owner
  • PHS documents with a reproduction of the original window sticker

Fully Restored

This Pontiac has been meticulously restored to make this 45-year old classic aesthetically perfect and totally reliable. The work involved a high-quality repaint, the complete inspection and servicing of the engine and transmission, the top-to-bottom detailing of the vehicle and the assurance that all of the car’s operating systems are functioning as they did when it left the factory in 1971.

Excellent Cosmetics

  • Paint, Body and Chrome

This Gran Prix was treated to an excellent repaint in Cranberry about 10 years ago that would put the original factory finish to shame. The brilliance of the body color is a perfect complement to the Parchment-Gold vinyl top.

The chrome is all in very good to excellent condition, further enhancing the curb appeal of this classic.

The underside of the car is free from rust and shows the fruits of the detailing labor that was put into preparing it for the new owner.

  • Interior

The Parchment interior upholstery is in excellent condition and is largely original. And of course the seats and door panels showroom clean without holes, separations or apparent wear. The driver’s door panel, however, does show wear.

The dash pad is in excellent condition—neither faded nor cracked. The headliner is in good condition without any drooping or tears.

This car has a center console housing the floor-mounted automatic transmission gear shift lever.

Mechanically Excellent and Enhanced

  • Engine and Transmission

The 455 cid SJ big block engine was professionally inspected during which a new oil pump and screen were installed along with the full Edelbrock Performer Power Package (which includes intake manifold, carburetor, camshafts and timing chain). The performance of the 455 engine was further enhanced by the addition of headers and a full Flowmaster exhaust system.

At the same time the engine was being addressed, the transmission went through a similar evaluation and servicing.

Since this work was done, the car has been driven fewer than 3,000 miles.

  • Wheels, Tires and Brakes

The car has a set of Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 P255/60R15 tires that look almost new. The tires are mounted on Pontiac “snow flake” wheels.

The Gran Prix has power brakes—disc on the front and drum on the rear—which bring the car to a safe and quick stop.

Comfort and Luxury

The Gran Prix SJ was built as both a luxury and performance vehicle and as such it has comfortable seating for 5—along with seat belts for each occupant’s safety. The front bucket seats fold fully forward to allow easy access to the back seat, and all of your guests will sit in comfort in the plush interior.

Of course air conditioning will allow the car’s comfortable use on the hottest days, and all of the power features (steering, brakes, windows) will make any drive a pleasant one.

All of the safety equipment (lights, turn signals, horn, wipers) work as do the engine monitoring gauges.

One of Pontiac’s Great Vehicles

Pontiac always had the reputation of spirited performance in up-scale cars, and this Gran Prix is the embodiment of that legacy. It is one of America’s greatest grand touring cars: a distinctive yet pleasing design, terrific performance and total luxury. And this particular car is a wonderful example of the limited production SJ Gran Prix.

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