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1969 Mach 1, Restored: Price: $37,900

1969 Mach 1, 351 V-8, 4 Speed

Year: 1969
Make: Ford
Model: Mach 1
VIN: 9R02M169802
Price: $37,900

1969 Mach 1: An Outstanding Restoration

This garage-kept 1969 Mustang Mach 1 is the nicest one we have seen, literally from top to bottom.

  • Marti Report
  • Great paint;
  • Excellent interior;
  • An undercarriage that is very clean;
  • A 351 Windsor V-8 engine 4bbl;
  • 4-speed;
  • Ram Air hood;
  • Rear Windows open
  • Limited slip rear;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Front Disc Brakes

For those who like to decode their cars, the VIN is 9R02M169802.

They don’t get any Nicer!

  • Paint and Chrome

The first thing that jumps out about this Mach 1 is the quality of its Indian Fire Poly color-change respray. Accented with the full Mach 1 black decal on its air induction hood and side stripes, this is a car that looks fast just sitting still!

The chrome trim is in very good to excellent condition. All of the windows are in good condition and both driver’s and passenger windows operate correctly.

The car has both its front and rear spoilers to complete the look.

As would be expected with such a high-quality restoration, any rust and corrosion issues that needed attention were resolved while the car was undergoing restoration.

  • Interior

The Black vinyl interior upholstery is in excellent condition, and makes an impressive contrast with the Indian Fire exterior. The black carpeting, the door panels and the headliner are in like-new condition.

The dash pad is in excellent condition. All of the engine/systems monitoring gauges (temperature and fuel) work properly as do the warning lights for amperage and oil. Similarly, the tach and speedometer work as does all of the safety equipment: lights, horn, front-only seat belts, etc. (the car just passed the Virginia safety inspection and bears a new sticker). Even the clock works.

The air conditioning blows cold, and even on the hottest days it keeps the cockpit comfortable.

  • Engine

The car’s 351 Windsor V-8 starts at a turn of the key and runs properly—and strongly.

  • Transmission

The 4-speed manual transmission provides quick but smooth shifts and delivers the engine’s torque through a limited slip rear axle. It also makes driving this Mach 1 FUN!

  • Rear End/Brakes/Wheels/Tires

Since the rear end is a limited slip, it helps handle the engine’s torque keeping rear wheel spin to a minimum. This car has power front disc brakes and BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires, all four of which look almost new.

  • Comfort Features

This is an air conditioned car with a modern compressor that cools the car completely as well as efficiently. The AM/FM/Cassette Stereo radio may need some attention. Power brakes help turn this muscle car into a vehicle that any enthusiast will enjoy.

A Great Example of one of Ford’s Most Popular and Collectible Muscle Cars

The Mach 1 is on almost everyone’s list of their favorite collector cars, known for its great styling and impressive performance, so finding a nice one can be a challenge. Our 1969 is a real find as well as being a head-turning restoration: great paint, wonderful interior, and A/C. These cars are highly in demand and therefore represent not just a great driving experience but a sound investment as well. Remember, you can’t take your stocks and bonds for a weekend drive or to a car show: they may be blue chips but they will never take home a trophy! This is a must see Mach 1.