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1969 Camaro Convertible, 4-speed Price: $25,900

1969 Camaro Convertible Restored


Year: 1969
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro Convertible
VIN: 124679N69217
Price: $25,900

A Great Find—a Restored Camaro Convertible

From the 350 engine to the 4-speed transmission and limited-slip differential, this Camaro convertible is a great find.

This ’69 Camaro is a standout:

  • Very popular Hugger Orange paint
  • Like new interior
  • 4-speed manual transmission
  • Limited-slip rear

For those who like to decode cars, the VIN is 124679N69217

One drive in this Camaro will show you why these cars are so popular.

Great to Look at; Great to Drive!

  • Paint and Chrome

The Hugger Orange paint is in nice very condition and really jumps out with the white striping and the cowl-induction hood. The just-detailed paint gleams and shows off the car’s great lines.

The chrome is in very good condition, giving a wonderful finish to this Camaro convertible.

The underside of the car appears free of rust [other than surface rust], with some evidence of corrosion maintenance in past years.

  • Interior

The upholstery is all in excellent condition from the bucket seats to the door panels. The interior looks almost new.

The convertible top is in the trunk—literally. The owner only drove the car in nice weather and therefore never had the top attached to the frame after restoration. The manually-operated frame is fully functional and only awaits the addition of the top.

  • Engine

The replacement 350 V-8 engine runs and drives like a new one. It starts right up and has plenty of power to make this a legitimate pony car.

  • Transmission

The manual 4-speed transmission shifts properly and smoothly as one would expect in Chevrolet’s legendary sports convertible.

  • Tires, Brakes, Luxury and Monitoring Systems

The raised-letter Dunlop tires complete the look that Camaro is famous for, and the 235/60R15 tires have plenty of tread remaining.

The power brakes—disc on the front–work properly and smoothly in bringing the car to a rapid and safe stop.

This car also has power steering, making parking a breeze. The recent replacement radio may work but would need a look-over to be sure.

All of the engine/systems monitoring gauges/lights (temperature, fuel, amp and oil pressure) work properly. Similarly, the lights, windshield wipers, horn and turn signals all work as does the speedometer. The dash and tail lights will require some attention.

A Camaro Convertible that you will Enjoy Driving!!

With the top down, this ’69 pony car is a delight. Whether at a local car show, dinner at a special restaurant or a night out for ice cream, you can be assured that this car will be noticed and admired by everyone who sees it.

This car represents not just a great driving experience but a sound investment as well. Apart from the investment value of this car, it is hard to put a price on the feeling of enjoyment when other drivers and pedestrians wave and give you a “thumbs up.” Remember, however, they are probably admiring the car!!