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1968 Jaguar XKE 2+2

1968 XKE 2+2

Year: 1968
Make: Jaguar
Model: XKE 2+2


Price: $29,900

Jaguar’s XKE is easily the most widely recognized sports car of the post-war period as well as being one of the most highly prized. Upon its release Enzo Ferrari was reported to call it “the most beautiful car every made.” Its unique styling found its way into an exhibition featuring the car at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. But make no mistake, this is an exciting car first and an art form second! The 2+2 body style added a practical component of extra space for passengers (4) and their luggage.

Same Owner for 20 years

This 1968 2+2 Coupe is a strong example of this unique car:

    • Wonderful leather interior;
    • Automatic transmission;
    • Starts at the turn of the key;
    • Fast and reliable performer
  • Paint and Body

The Red paint is generally in nice driver condition and has recently been detailed to show off the fine lines of this popular sports car.

The chrome trim is all in good condition.

The underside of this XKE is clean and appears free from corrosion. There is a dent on the lower left of the bonnet that is mostly hidden by the bumper.

  • Interior

The black leather interior is clean and the front leather seats have just been reupholstered and look like new.

The dash and interior trim are all in good condition as well.

The gauges all appear to work properly as do the lights, wipers and horn.


The 4.2 liter 6-cylinder engine overhead cam engine performs well and provides all the power needed to make this an exciting car to drive.

  • Transmission

The automatic transmission works smoothly and properly, making this car perfect for the congested driving we often face in metropolitan areas while allowing the driver to enjoy the feeling that only comes from driving a sports car on more challenging roads.

  • Brakes

The 4-wheel disc brakes effortlessly bring this car to a quick and safe stop.

  • Luxury and other features

This XKE will please any sports car fan:

  • Nice paint
  • Black leather interior
  • Sporty automatic transmission

A Nice Example of Jaguar’s famous XKE

Just sitting in the cockpit of this XKE will put a smile on your face that will grow into a grin when you hear the sound of the famous Jaguar engine fire up. There is plenty of room for companions and luggage in this 2+2 sports car. Stop by and take a look—rain, snow or sunshine—all of our vehicles are displayed inside.