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1965 Corvette convertible: both tops

 Fall price reduction

Year: 1965
Make: Chevrolet
Model: C2 Convertible
VIN: 194675S119314
Price: $61,900

Fully Restored C2: 327/365; 4-speed

1965 Corvette Convertible: Numbers matching Restoration

Our C-2 is as original, with all of the right features:

    • Original 327/365 engine
    • 4-speed transmission
    • Hard and soft tops
    • Knock offs
    • Side pipes
    • Excellent respray in original Glen Green
    • Excellent interior

And, of course, C-2s are one of the best—and most memorable—cars on the road.

For those who wish to decode the car:

VIN: 194675S119314
Trim: 430BG
Paint: 900GG

Excellent from Top to Bottom

  • Paint and Body

The re-spray of this Corvette in its original Glen Green makes it look almost as nice it did when the car was at the Chevy dealership in 1965.  The unique color contributes to the elegance of this C-2 convertible. There are few stress cracks showing on the body.

The major chrome trim (bumpers, grill, etc.) is all in excellent condition, setting off the stateliness of the car.

The underside of this Corvette appears solid and sound with no evidence of corrosion.

The black convertible top is in excellent condition as is the rear window.

And the Glen Green hardtop is in very nice condition.

  • Interior

The dark green interior is clean and fresh-looking, and as one would expect, the upholstery is free of rips, holes or separations.

The gauges all appear to work properly as do the lights, wipers and horn. The speedometer and turn signals likewise work properly. Even the clock works!

  • Engine

The original Corvette V-8 cylinder engine is the optional 327 cid/365 hp, which gives it such great performance. At the touch of the starter the engine comes to life and produces the distinctive rumble through the side-pipe exhaust.

  • Transmission

The 4-speed transmission works smoothly and properly

  • Brakes

The brakes on the Corvette bring it to a quick halt without any pulling from side to side.

  • Luxury and other features

This Corvette will please the most discerning buyer:

  • High-performance engine
  • Desirable 4-speed transmission
  • Original color: Glen Green
  • Excellent interior finished in green
  • Both the hardtop and convertible top
  • Knock-off wheels
  • AM-FM radio

A Great Example of Corvette’s Iconic Stingray Convertible

There is one word that can best describe this 1965 convertible: WOW! Great paint, excellent upholstery, exceptional engine and transmission: all of which make this classic Corvette an enjoyable car to drive as well as a sound investment. What can’t be quantified is the feeling one gets when sitting behind the wheel of the Corvette that is dreamed about by so many other car enthusiasts.