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1962 Bentley Long Wheel Base w/o Division For Sale Price: $59,900

Year:  1962
Make:  Bentley
Model:  Long Wheel Base
Price:  59,900

1962 Bentley Long Wheel Base—LLBB 32

  • The Long wheel-base Bentleys

Our 1962 Bentley is one of 57 produced from 1959-1962. These cars were built by the factory to be 4” longer than the standard sedan in order to create more room in the rear passenger compartment. While most of these cars were built with an interior division to separate the driver from the passengers, LLBB 32 was one of a handful that was ordered—and factory built—without the division.

  • History of LLBB 32

This Bentley was delivered new to Switzerland, reportedly built for the British Ambassador. One of the “special order” features was the installation of a front seat track to allow the front seat to go forward an inch more and backward three inches more than the standard configuration. The other was to have the “Flying B” separately boxed and sent with the car to Switzerland reportedly because the Swiss had a law prohibiting the importation of a car with a hood ornament that could be a danger to pedestrians in the event of an accident.

Since leaving Switzerland, LLBB 32 has been carefully maintained by owners in New Hampshire, North Carolina and Virginia.

A Very Nice Example

  • Paint and Chrome

This Bentley has a good driver’s quality two-tone paint scheme, with Masons Black on top and silver gray on the bottom. There are a few cracks in the paint but overall it is in good condition.

The chrome is in good condition and is shiny and bright.

  • Interior

The leather hides are finished in Bentley’s “Off White” and are in very good to excellent condition, as are the door panels. Similarly, the English wool light brown carpet is in very good condition.

The doors and dash are trimmed in Walnut, and the finish is very good with deep shine that is reminiscent of expensive furniture. LLBB32 also has twin fold-down wooden snack tables.

Mechanically Sound

The 6230cc V-8 starts right up and easily powers this elegant car around town or out on the highway at interstate speeds—although you can barely hear the engine as the scenery passes by.

The automatic transmission shifts easily and smoothly, making for a smooth ride despite your destination.

This Bentley’s air conditioning system has been converted to R134 and it produces cold air.

And, it is Ready to Go

This isn’t a car that has a list of items that you need to fix before you can enjoy it. The gauges and all the safety equipment work properly, and the front seatbelts have been converted to convenient three-point operation.

The sound system has been upgraded to a Sony AM/FM/CD Stereo, an important improvement to the original 1962 radio technology.

A Car that Defines Luxury

This long-wheel base Bentley takes luxury to a new level, from the smell and comfort of leather upholstery to the extra-spacious interior not encumbered by a divider. The driver/owner can readily converse with his or her guests in a comfortable climate controlled interior.   This is a vehicle that one can confidently take on a weekend jaunt to some distant destination or to just pop down to the wine store for another bottle of champagne. But you can’t make either trip in anonymity for this is a car that is sure to noticed and admired.