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1959 Corvette, Fuel Injection: Price $79,900


Year: 1959
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Price: $79,900


A Rare Find—a Fuel-Injected Corvette

The C-1 series of Corvettes—made famous by the Route 66 television shows—is one of the most iconic of all American sports and muscle cars.  Finding a nice one is hard enough but to find a fuel-injected model equipped with a Powerglide transmission is indeed a rarity.  As traffic issues have worsened, the convenience of a powerful engine mated to an automatic transmission in America’s most recognizable sports car has moved these classics to the forefront of enjoyability and collectability.

This ’59 is a standout:

  • A frame-off restoration
  • Numbers-correct
  • Fuel injected
  • Original paint colors
  • Powerglide transmission

They don’t get any Better!

  • Paint and Chrome

The original Roman Red paint scheme with White coves is the most sought-after color combination.  Despite a few fisheyes and two minor touch-ups on the driver’s door, the paint gleams and shows off the car’s great lines.

All of the chrome was redone or replaced, giving a like-new appearance to this Corvette.

The underside of the car appears to be free of rust and the engine compartment is fully detailed.

  • Interior

The seat upholstery was all redone in period- and car-correct  Red which is in very good condition. The door panels and carpeting are in excellent condition as well.

The convertible top has probably never seen rain and both it and the rear window are in very good condition with the exception of a small cut on the driver’s side where the material evidently got pinched in the metal frame.

  • Engine

The 283 fuel-injected V-8 engine runs and drives properly.  It is the correct date-coded engine built for the 250 h.p. fuel injection/automatic transmission combination.

  • Transmission

The automatic transmission takes full advantage of the fuel-injected engine to lessen the stress of driving in today’s traffic conditions.

  • Tires, Brakes, Luxury and Monitoring Systems

The four mounted 6.70 x 15 bias ply whitewall tires speak to the effort to keep the car “as original.”

The brakes work properly and smoothly in bringing the car to a rapid and safe stop.

This car also has power windows and a clock that is stuck in 1959.  The Wonderbar radio was rebuilt by Crockett Sound Lab to function as original along with an FM converter and input for MP3 and a CD player.   Although the unit was reinstalled in the car, it has never been hooked up. Similarly, the heater was removed for rebuilding but was never installed since the restored car wasn’t intended to be used in inclement weather.

All of the engine/systems monitoring gauges/lights (temperature, fuel, amp and oil pressure) work properly.  Similarly, the lights, and turn signals work as do the tachometer and speedometer.

Everyone’s Dream Car!!

This car is distinguished as being one of only 175 that were built with the fuel-injection/automatic transmission combination in model-year 1959.  In an era with more traffic congestion, this Corvette offers some definite pluses over the manual transmission alternative.

What really makes the 1959 Corvette an icon is that Chevrolet blended it all into a package that was as much a work of art as it was a go-fast sports car.  Unlike the single-purpose muscle cars that followed, the Corvette was as much a way of looking at life as it was a performance car.  Who among us can honestly say that they never wished they owned a Route 66 Corvette?  This is your opportunity to fulfill that wish!