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1953 Packard Convertible–Beautiful Price: $28,900

1953 Packard Convertible–fully restored

Year: 1953
Make: Packard
Model: Convertible
VIN: 26792308
Price: $28,900

1953 Packard Convertible: Luxury and Reliability 

All one needs to do is listen (if you can hear it) to this Packard’s engine to know why our ’53 convertible was one of America’s premier cars.  Quiet running, smartly styled, elegant interior, smooth to drive:  that’s what Packards were known for and what made them “the car of choice” of the rich and famous.

Restored and Pampered 

This 1953 Packard convertible was the owners’ pride and joy:

Dependable straight 8 cylinder engine;

Automatic transmission

Complete repaint in original Polaris Blue;

Excellent leather interior;

Starts at the press of the starter; and

Stops straight and true.

Excellent from Top to Bottom

Paint and Body

The re-spray of this Packard in its original Polaris Blue makes it look almost as nice it did when the car was at the Packard dealership in 1953.    The unique color contributes to the elegance of this Packard convertible.

The major chrome trim (bumpers, grill, etc.) is all in excellent condition, setting off the stateliness of the car.

The underside of this Packard appears solid and sound with evidence of some prior corrosion repair having been accomplished.

The tan convertible top is in excellent condition as is the rear window.  The electric top raising/lowering mechanism works properly.


The burgundy leather interior is clean and fresh-looking, and as one would expect, the upholstery is free of rips, holes or separations.

The painted dash and interior window trim are in excellent condition.

The gauges all appear to work properly as do the lights, vacuum wipers and horn. The speedometer and turn signals likewise work properly.


The Packard in-line 8 cylinder engine, for which Packard was known, starts right up and runs so quietly you can barely hear it.  At the touch of the starter the engine comes to life and appears to be virtually vibration-free.


The automatic transmission works smoothly and properly


The brakes on the Packard bring it to a quick halt without pulling from side to side.

Luxury and other features

This Packard will please the most discerning buyer:

Original color: Polaris Blue

Power convertible top

Burgundy leather interior

Wire wheel covers

Fender skirts

Working AM radio

Coker Classic 8.00-15 wide whitewall tires

Meticulous recent history of car

All of the gauges and safety equipment works properly; some attention will need to be given to the heater and clock.

A Great Example of Packard’s Popular Convertibles

There is one word that can best describe this 1953 convertible: WOW! Great paint, excellent upholstery, exceptional engine and transmission:  all of which make this classic Packard an enjoyable car to drive as well as a sound investment.