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1952 MG TD–restored


Year: 1952
Make: MG
Model: TD
VIN: TD15229
Price: $14,900

1952 MG TD: a true British sports car

1952 MG TD: Restored

All it takes is one drive in this 1952 MG TD to show why these British sports cars revolutionized the affordable sports car market in the post-WWII era. Quick, open cockpit, manual transmission and wonderful styling—they had it all! But make no mistake, this cute car with suicide doors is a serious sports car that will provide all of the enjoyment of spirited driving with a look that takes you back to the very soul of its British heritage.

Restored and Pampered

This 1952 roadster is a driver’s car:

    • Dependable 1,250cc 4-cylinder ohv engine;
    • 4-speed transmission;
    • British Racing Green;
    • Nice interior;
    • Starts at the pull of the starter; and
    • Tonneau for those cold or misty days.

Very Nice from Top to Bottom

  • Paint and Body

The re-spray of this TD in British Racing Green is in nice condition. The color contributes to the elegance and sportiness of this MG roadster.

The chrome trim is in good condition.

The underside of this TD is clean and free from all but surface corrosion.

The convertible top and the side curtains will have to be replaced. Most drivers, however, would choose to leave the top down, and utilize the tonneau when conditions indicate.

  • Interior

The red upholstery is clean and fresh-looking, and as one would expect, the upholstery is free of rips, holes or separations.

The dash and interior door panels are in nice condition.

The gauges all appear to work properly as do the lights, horn and even the windshield wipers. The clock appears to be stuck somewhere between 1952 and now.

  • Engine

The 1,250 cc 4-cylinder engine overhead cam engine is rated at 57 hp and produces all the power you will need in this little sports car. At the touch of the starter the engine comes to life and ready for a spin on a curvy road or a turn at the track.

  • Transmission

The 4-speed manual transmission works smoothly and properly.

  • Brakes

The hydraulic brakes on the TD bring it to a quick halt without pulling from side to side.

  • Luxury and other features

This MG will please the most discerning driver:

  • Runs great
  • Nice paint
  • Nice interior
  • Tonneau

A Good Example of MG’s Post-War Sports Cars

There is one word that can best describe this 1952 convertible: FUN! Good paint, good upholstery, strong engine and transmission: all of which make this classic TD a fun car to drive as well as a sound investment.