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1927 Page Racer: Price: $39,900

1927 Paige Hill Climb Race Car

Year: 1927
Make: Paige
Model: Hill Climb Racer
VIN: 19L334902
Price: $39,900

A Very Rare Find—a fully-restored and re-bodied 1927 Paige Hill Climb Race 

Our 1927 Paige Hill Climb Racer is about as rare as vehicles can get. Fully restored, this boat-tailed Racer is a re-bodied 1927 Paige that replicates the hill climb racers that brought fame to Paige in the late ‘20s and early ‘30s. This Racer was custom-built to compete in the 1994 Great American Race from Huntington Beach, California to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

This ’27 is a standout:

  • 1927 Paige drive train/frame
  • Boat-tailed replication of the originals
  • Full restoration
  • Outstanding British Racing Green finish
  • Cockpit fully upholstered
  • 4-wheel Lockheed outside clamping hydraulic brakes
  • 20’ wooden spoke wheels
  • Tool box mounted on the passenger side

This Racer is so nice you’ll want to put it in your living room!

They don’t get any Nicer—or more Rare!

  • Paint and Chrome

The show-quality British Racing Green paint by Detroit Centauri is in excellent condition. The paint gleams and shows off the car’s great lines. Pin-striping on the frame and racing decals on the body make one visualize the car at the start line in Huntington Beach back in 1994.

The body and underside of the car are free of rust and road grime; and the engine compartment is fully detailed.

  • Interior

The cockpit upholstery was all redone in tan vinyl; and the entire interior is upholstered for a very comfortable feel and look.

The dash and steering wheel appear to be walnut and are in excellent condition.

  • Engine

The engine is a 1927 Paige flathead 6-cylinder that is rated at 45hp. It starts and runs properly. It sits in a fully detailed—and visible–engine bay.

  • Transmission

The 3-speed transmission engages properly and is all ready to go on another road race.

  • Body

The body on this Paige is a replication of the bodies that were used on these cars when they were doing hill climb racing in the ‘20s. The all-metal replacement boat-tail body was meticulously recreated by true craftsmen.

  • Tires, Brakes, Instruments 

The 4 Dunlap tires mounted on 20’ wooden spoke wheels speak to the effort to keep the car looking “as original.”

The hydraulic Lockheed outside clamping brakes work but like many vehicles of this era, the stopping distances were designed to avoid potholes and cows, not other vehicles.

All of the engine/systems monitoring gauges appear to work properly, and there is hood-mounted temperature gauge that is a work of art in itself. Similarly, the lights and horn work. The mileage on the odometer is 53,896.

An Eye-catching Racer that could be in a Museum

The original Paige Racers were a rarity in the ‘20s so this’27 Paige is probably one-of-a-kind today. In addition, having been created for the 1994 Great America Race bestows special provenance on this Racer.

This Paige is so nice it would be at home in a museum, a car collection or, with an understanding spouse, your living room! Don’t pass it up; chances are that you will never see another 1927 Paige like this one.