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1979 numbers-matching VW Karman convertible

Year: 1979
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Karmann convertible
VIN: 1592042370
Price: $25,900

1979 Volkswagen Super Beetle

Convertible by Karmann

 Since German-built Beetle production ended with the 1979 model, the 1979 Karmann Beetle convertibles are highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts around the globe.  Witness the fact that a 1979 Beetle convertible with 659 miles on the odometer sold at Barrett-Jackson’s 2014 Palm Beach sale for $58,300 and at Gooding & Company’s 2015 Scottsdale sale, a two-owner ’79 Beetle convertible with 700 miles on the odometer sold for $66,000.

Ours has more mileage (odometer: 39,762) but then it isn’t being sold for $66,000 or even $58,000: our Beetle convertible is just $25,900.  This appears to be a number’s matching car that was well taken care of with what is likely its original mileage, its re-paint is in great condition, a well-preserved interior—undoubtedly the original, and what appears to be its original top in quite good condition. 

The car isn’t without minor flaws: more modern wheels have been mounted (although the originals are available without additional cost); its exhaust, likely its original,  has degraded and should be replaced; and it has a small hole in the floor under the battery box probably resulting from some overflow battery acid at some time in the past(see pictures). 

For those who might wish to decode the car:

VIN: 1592042370

Very Nice from Top to Bottom

  • Paint and Body

The nice quality of the Alpine White respray almost makes you think you’re in the showroom at the VW dealership back in 1979. This is a “Triple-White” Super Beetle which color combination was made in such limited numbers that they were reportedly rationed to VW dealers. The body is straight and the panel gaps appear correct.

The chrome and stainless trim is all in excellent condition.

The underside of this is Beetle is exceptionally clean with the exception of one small area (see pictures) where years ago a leaky battery appears to have eaten a hole under the battery compartment.

  • Interior

The all white vinyl interior is clean and fresh-looking, and is the perfect complement to this triple white convertible.

The convertible top is in overall very nice condition; the headliner is in nice condition as well. Recall that VW put a glass rear window into its ’79 convertibles and this one is in excellent condition.

The gauges all work properly as do the lights (except the tag and backup), wipers, turn signals and horn.

  • Engine

The Super Beetle’s engine, which appears to be its original is fuel-injected with a displacement of almost 1600cc/1.6 L.  The car has plenty of pep to make any trip enjoyable.

  • Transmission

The car’s 4-speed manual transmission works smoothly.

  • Brakes

The brakes on the VW bring it to a safe stop without any pulling from side to side.

An Outstanding Example of

the last year of VW’s

original Beetle Convertibles

There is one word that can best describe this 1979 Super Beetle by Karmann: WOW! Great paint, excellent upholstery, nice convertible top all of which make this classic Volkswagen a fun car to drive as well as a sound investment.  What can’t be quantified is the feeling one gets when sitting behind the wheel of this unique car that most of us remember and all who do, wish we still owned!