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1972 Chevy C10-Showroom Condition

Year: 1972
Make: Chevrolet
Model: C10
VIN: CCE142A147998
Price: $22,900

1972 Chevrolet C10 with A/C

This C10 is in such excellent condition, you might think it was stored since 1972!   The modern A/C combined with the near-perfect paint and upholstery makes it a truck that you will enjoy taking anyplace you wish to go—and in comfort! And you will appreciate the looks of fellow truck enthusiasts when they see the color-coordinated, sprayed-on bedliner that looks like it was done yesterday.

Fully Updated

This 1972 has been serviced and updated to insure its reliability.  It is equipped with:

    • 350 cid V -8
    • Automatic transmission
    • Modern A/C
    • Dual exhausts
    • Power steering
    • Recent front disc brakes

Nice from Top to Bottom

  • Paint and Body

The paint on this C10 is nicer than when Chevy first sent it to the dealership, and the body is in excellent condition.

The underside is clean and free of rust (other than surface rust).  Please see pictures.

  • Interior

The blue vinyl interior is clean and fresh-looking, and as one would expect, the upholstery is free of rips, holes or separations other than several small holes below the driver’s seat (see pictures).

All of the safety equipment (lights, wipers and horn) work properly.

  • Engine

The 350 cid V-8 starts at the turn of the key and performs as it should: smoothly and with plenty of power.

  • Transmission

The 3-speed automatic transmission shifts properly.

  • Brakes and Steering

The recently rebuilt front disc brakes, and power steering, make this C10 a pleasure to drive.

  • Safety and Convenience

All of the safety features (lights, signals, horn, wipers) on the K 10 work correctly.  The truck is equipped with seat belts for extra safety.

The convenience items include: power steering, front disc brakes, padded dash, and, of course, modern air conditioning that blows enough cold air to turn the hottest days into a pleasant driving experience.

An Original Example of the Popular Chevy C10

There are two words that can best describe this 1972 C10: Virtually Flawless! It will take you where you want to go, whether it’s camping in the mountains or to the local Home Depot–in the heat of summer or the snows of winter.  If you’re looking for a solid and great-looking pickup that will turn heads, don’t miss this one.