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1971 VW Karmann Ghia convertible

1971 Karmann Ghia Convertible 

Year: 1971
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Karmann Ghia convertible


Price: $14,900

Karmann Ghia VW Convertible: a Fun Car to Drive that is Also Very Collectible 

The Karmann Ghias are great classic vehicles and fun cars to drive, and our 1971 is no exception. Moreover, despite their popularity, you rarely see them on the street or at shows.

This convertible is:

  • Finished in black;
  • Has a contrasting beige interior;
  • Sports a black convertible top with glass rear window;
  • The paint, chrome and interior are all in good condition; and
  • Drives like a dream.

Paint and Chrome 

The black re-paint is in good condition with straight and well-aligned body panels.

The chrome and stainless are all nice.

The body and underside of the car appear to be free of corrosion other than normal surface rust, and the engine compartment is nicely detailed.


The beige vinyl seat upholstery is in good condition as is the rest of the interior including the dash pad. The headliner is nice as well.

The black convertible top was recently replaced and nicely compliments the body color. The top has a glass rear window that conveniently drops out of the way for additional ventilation if the top is up. The manually-operated top (they all were) is a one-person operation to lower or raise.


The replacement engine together with the transaxle appear to be in good condition. The engine starts right up and the vehicle is a pleasure to drive. Shifting is crisp and predictable for both up and down shifts.

Tires, Brakes, Safety and Monitoring Systems

The car is equipped with Goodyear 165/80R15 tires that have most of their tread left.

The brakes work well, bringing the convertible to a straight and quick stop.

The gauges appear to work properly; similarly, the lights, speedometer, horn, wipers and turn signals all work, and the clock does as well!

The Convertible Everyone Remembers and Loves

If you have ever owned a classic Volkswagen, sitting in this vehicle will bring back great memories; if you haven’t, get ready to smile. As unique as the Beetle and Transporter were in the American market, the Karmann Ghia—and particularly the convertible–was the combination of VW reliability and economy with a sports car look and feel. These vehicles hold a unique place in driving history, and this Karmann Ghia convertible is a nice example of those vehicles.