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1935 Dodge pickup – ready to go

Year: 1935
Make: Dodge
Model: 1/2 ton pickup
Price: $19,900


1935 Dodge Pickup—Dodge Dependability                                                                               

The pre-war pickups represent a great buying opportunity as the market is just beginning to focus on older trucks as desirable collectibles, particularly those with great styling that are nimble enough to keep up with local traffic.  This sharp-looking 1935 Dodge pickup certainly fills the bill.

Recent Upgrades

This 1935 has been updated to increase its safety and crowd-appeal:  it has:

  • Attractive paint scheme
  • Powder-coated wire wheels (5 mounted, 1 not)
  • 5 New tires (5.25/5.50 – 17)
  • Rear turn signals


  • Paint and Body

The Blue/black re-paint on this Dodge is bright and lively, particularly with the yellow powder-coating of its wire wheels.

The pickup bed has been refinished as well

The undercarriage is solid.

  • Interior

The gray vinyl interior is clean and fresh-looking, as is the matching headliner.

  • Engine

The in-line six has plenty of power to move this ½-ton pickup along with whatever you choose to put in the bed.

  • Transmission

The truck has a sturdy floor-mounted 3-speed manual transmission.

  • Brakes

The large drum brakes stop the truck correctly.

A Solid Example of the

Pre-war Dodge pickups

Built to last, this ’35 Dodge has become a collectible classic that is equally at home at your favorite restaurant as it is at the Home Depot.  And it is unlikely that any other pickup at either place will draw more attention.